On April 30, 2016, Alaka’i Na Keiki received its fifth consecutive 3-year CARF accreditation of its Child and Adolescent Outpatient Services Program and third consecutive 3-year accreditation of its Adults Outpatient Services Program. The commission noted that ANK “has continued to demonstrate substantial conformance to the CARF standards. The organization has a strong commitment to its community, clients, and staff. Referral sources and clients expressed their satisfaction with the quality of and scope of services provided and to the organization and its dedication to professional development and supervision.

The commission recognized ANK as having strengths in many areas:

• Alaka’i Na Keiki is led by experienced, professional behavioral healthcare providers who are passionate about the delivery of qual8ity behavioral healthcare and promotion of professional development and training.

• The executive director and senior management and staff are well informed and committed to the overall mission of the organization as evidenced by the positive feedback from persons served and other stakeholders.

• Alaka’i Na Keiki has adopted the use of evidence-based outcomes-oriented assessment and interventions to address culturally sensitive, data-drive treatment needs of high-risk youths and their families.

• Alaka’i Na Keiki is well-respected by funders and referral sources, including community providers, university affiliates, and regulatory bodies. Alaka’i Na Keiki has been recognized by the State of Hawaii Department of Health Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division’s Performance Management Office for its continued commitment to reducing sentinel events, ongoing clinical supervision, and clinical documentation practices.

• Alaka’i Na Keiki incorporates collaboration, coordination, and communications with physicians, community behavioral health providers, and educators for quality, effective, early interventions.

• It endorses a transdisciplinary team model where professionals work together with the persons served to plan, implement, and evaluate interventions.

• Alaka’i Na Keiki employs a skills trainer model for the delivery of intensive in-home, in-school, and community based services for students with autism spectrum and related disorders.

• Alaka’i Na Keiki has effectively used professional mentoring and supervision as a strategy for recruitment of service providers in a behavioral health practitioner shortage area.

• Staff continues to show a level of professionalism and dedication to the persons served consistent with the needs of at-risk populations served.