Jessica Kojima

Jessica Kojima, M.A. has a master’s in Clinical Mental Health from Hawaii Pacific University and has completed the 3,000 hours of supervision required for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor. Currently, in addition to working as a therapist in ANK’s intensive in-home therapy program for youth with moderate to severe behavior disorders and their families, Jessica coordinates the behavior technician training program and trains and supervisors paraprofessionals to provide applied behavior analysis in the schools and community. Additionally, Jessica assists the Executive Director in achieving quality improvement projects; designs, implements, evaluates and modifies, as needed, the quality improvement aspects of the agency; proposes quality improvement measures; monitors the quality improvement data collection and review process and presents the results to the Executive Director with recommendations and suggested actions for improvement; ensures that policies and procedures are in compliance with CARF, DOE and DOH regulations, Medicaid, HIPAA, and other pertinent regulatory entities; provides ongoing educational activities related to quality improvement and regulatory compliance to staff; monitors and audits written documents.